Adventure riding is a sport that most people like. The rush, the adrenaline is unparalleled. That is something that only a rider would understand. But, this is a sport that not most people know about. Hence, even the pros end up making some mistakes while riding. But with the help of experienced tips, some of these mistakes can be avoided. Let us have a talk about it here, shall we?  

1. Don’t Air Down The Tires

There is a pretty common practice amongst 4-wheel drivers where they actually let some air out before they ride. This is done in order to make sure that the off-road traction is better in some cases. However, bikes are a completely different case altogether. The adventure bikes are pretty much heavier and you have a lot of heavy stuff with you as well when you are riding. So, the tires would definitely need some sort of air pressure so that they can do the job perfectly without any trouble whatsoever. 

2. Use the Brake-In The Front 

Most riders these days know that they should be favoring the front brakes which are present in the pavement. However, when there is dirt, you might want to use the rear brakes more. That is because the front brakes are pretty easy to lock up and can cause some crashes too. But then, they shouldn’t be neglected as well. Most of the stopping power of the bike comes from the front brake and that is the case even when the bike moves on dirt. The main trick that we are going to tell you here is to use the rear brake for stabilizing the bike and yourself and the front brake in order to stop your bike. 

3. Loosen The Grip

You are riding over the rocks or some rough terrain where the natural instinct that you have will tell you to actually hang on to everything that you can find. But that is not the right way to ride. It is actually the opposite of the thing that you should do. This is especially the case when you are riding an adventure bike. First of all, you need to ensure that the bike is moving around underneath yourself. So, you might want to loosen the grip a little bit and let the bike do what it is meant to do. This is one of the best adventure riding tips that we can give you right now. 

4. Stand Up During Rough Situations 

There might be some situations where the terrain gets a bit tricky while you are riding. In those cases, you might want to stand up on the bike and that will allow the things to run pretty smoothly and efficiently. Now you might think that this is pretty counterintuitive in the beginning.

Not to mention that it will not be very comfortable to do so from a rider’s point of view. There might be times when you want to sit. But then, standing up will actually lower the center of gravity of your body which is on your bike. This would move the gravity from the seat to your bike’s footpegs and it will make things much better. So, the bike will be able to bounce easily on the terrain without the bodyweight of yours weighing it down. 

5. Sit Forward When You Have To 

When you are riding on smooth dirt or some sort of pavement, it is often a good idea to sit properly. This helps in the conservation of energy as well. But when you do sit, make sure that you are sitting forward. This is actually the way your bike has been designed to handle the weight of your body. 

There are some bikes that have flat and long seats where you will want to slide the butt backward. However, you need to not do that because then you will have to stretch forward in order to reach the controls of the bike and that can definitely cause some problems while riding. 

6. Skip Your Handlebar Risers

Most riders actually use some risers so that it becomes a bit more comfortable to ride their bikes when they are standing up. One problem here is that adventure bikes already have that mechanism with them. When you add risers in adventure bikes, it actually shifts the body in a certain direction to the rear side.