Riding a motorcycle is probably one of the liveliest experiences for a rider. This can be said especially if that bike is a Harley Davidson. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say, Harley Davidson?

It would have to be style, comfort, luxury, and downright fire!! Harley Davidson bikes have a reputation for a reason of course. These are some of the coolest bikes that riders absolutely go ga-ga for. So, in today’s post, how about we chat a bit about the latest Harley Davidson bikes as released in the Daytona Bike Week?

2020 CVO Road Glide

Source: Harley Davidson

The CVO Road Glide is definitely one of the coolest and favorite picks of most people. Everything from the weird fairing to the dual headlights and the FL Touring Frame that it has makes it a sleek and long bike than the other sibling bikes.

However, the main attraction of the bike would have to be the amazing monstrous high powered CVO. Not only is it stylish and sleek but it is quite large as well. There is a big engine which is probably the largest one yet installed by Harley in any production bike ever.

Not to mention that the bike comes with some upgraded features such as performance and the Eagle Heavy Breather as well. With black tips on the handsome exhaust that has a 2×2 setup, we are talking about some great iron here for sure.

You will fall in love with the 21-inch wheel with the absolutely skinny tire that is attached along with the custom-styled wheels as well. With a glossy finish and the smoking satin accents to the wheels, there is a pretty great style front right here.

For the braking, there are 4-piston caterpillars which are then backed up with electronic aids such as the RDRS, Traction Control, and ABS.

There are some other features such as the amazing Box GTS Systems which are controlled by 6.5-inch Touchscreen provided in the bike for the riders. There are 4 different speakers. Along with that, you can find a proper 600-watt stereo as well which is equipped by the Apple CarPlay.

Truly, the Daytona Bike week has made its launch amazing with the CVO model from Harley. Not to mention that there is the Audio 30K helmet with Bluetooth systems.

Oh yes, the color of the Bike is absolutely fantastic with the Sand Dune tinge to it. The bone-white luster that it has makes it look neither beige nor white. From the looks of it, there can be no doubt that CVO Road Glide is the king of Harleys to date. The size can be a problem for some riders when they are riding at slow speeds, but the rest of it is like a dream.

2020 Fat Boy 30th Anniversary Edition

Source: Harley Davidson

At the Daytona Bike Week in Florida, another one of the amazing bikes which has been released is known as the Fat Boy of Harley Davidson. 

This burly and low-slung monster of a bike which had fat tires, large FL front end, 15 miles of the attitude of the company, and some great disc wheels seemed to be the perfect fit for any rider. That is probably one of the main reasons why people from all over the world are obsessed with this monster right here.

To begin with, the paint job done on the bike is amazing with some copper-colored touches and with the OG Fat Boy logo that stuck on the front of the tank. 

There were some other features as well such as the handlebars and the Blacked-out M8 which made this fantastic. Also, there are some performance upgrades in this new addition too.

For the other riders out there, it might not be too much of an overachievement. But there are some who are quite excited about this bike to hit the markets. The engine is fairly great and it has a pretty good look as well. All in all, the Fat Boy bike from Harley Davidson does a fair job at the market.


All of the bikes mentioned above are fantastic models from the Harley Davidson Company. Fulfilling all the goals that they were made for, these bikes are a dream-come-true for the common folk out there.