Nothing poses more of a challenge for a motorcycle rider than the rain. When you are on those two wheels, there are numerous problems that can come in your way. 

Slippery roads, less traction, and so many more issues creep up during the rainy weather. That is probably one of the reasons why people tend to actually stay at home and not ride during the rain. 

However, for some people out there, bikes are the only transportation form that they have. So, whether there is rain or snow, they need to get on their bikes and ride away. 

For these people out there, the daily ups and downs can become a bit problematic. How about we help them settle these issues once and for all? 

Some Important Things To Remember 

Here is a checklist you might want to have a look at in order to ride like a pro in the rain. 

  • Slow down a bit while riding 
  • Make your turns and riding as smooth as possible 
  • Relax the body of yours a little bit and don’t stress 
  • Vision can be bad for every single person, so take care of that front and be extra careful 
  • Get some good gear for riding in the rain 
  • Make sure to avoid paint and metal on the road while you are riding

What Really Happens During The Rain 

It is quite a unique weather, the rain, don’t you think? Everything and everyone outside is wet. Not to mention that the roads get all wet and slippery as well. So, the grip issues are always there from the water alone. 

Apart from that, the surfaces on the road end up soaking all the oil and some other substances when the weather is dry. These substances are then lifted up and come back to the surface of the road during the rain. 

Just right after a rainstorm, the 1st hour of riding would actually be the toughest and the most dangerous one. It is the time when all the junk comes up to the roads and hasn’t been washed away yet. 

Cats-eye reflectors, tar snakes, and paint on the road becomes a lot more slippery and problematic during the rainy weather. However, the worst thing of them all is metal. There are steel plates and manholes on the road which make the process of riding a lot more difficult than it is supposed to be.

These problems are basically like death traps laid all over the area for the riders. If you are not being careful, chances are that you might end up causing an accident and endangering your life as well. 

A Piece Of Advice: Make sure that you are always looking ahead during the rain and planning the next move or turn of yours. Always remember that you need to ride pretty smoothly in the rain. Avoid all the stuff that is present on the road because you don’t want to apply the panic brakes because it just will not work at that moment due to the slippery nature of the road. 

Water that is always sitting on the surface of the road will come between the tires of your bike and might end up reducing the grip of your bike as well. So, you need to ensure that you are effectively removing all the water from the tire and the road with the tread in the tire.

We mean, that is the sole purpose of the tread, right. So, keep the tread in a better condition because the more tread you have, the more effective water will be cleaned off from the surface of the road. 

In case you are planning to ride through someplace where the water is a bit deeper, you need to take care that the position of your body is upright and the bike rides smoothly as well. Using the control throttle can actually help you a lot for sure. 


During the rainy weather, you have to completely take care of when you are riding. Keep your absolute wits about you and that will make things a little bit easier for sure. These tips will definitely help when you are riding in the rain.