For a motorcycle rider, learning the art of Push Steering is probably one of the greatest things ever. Also known as positive steering or counter steering, this technique is really helpful during riding. So, it is important for a rider to know about it in detail.

Learning The Art Of Push Steering

Given that there are many different benefits to the whole technique of push steering a motorcycle, we are going to have a discussion about it here. This technique is often a lifesaver during your everyday riding adventures. While making the turns or just cornering, this technique comes in really handy. Not to mention that you will also be able to control the slipping of the wheel around a corner with push steering or gyroscopic steering.

To speak honestly, learning how to ride a motorcycle becomes simple and easy if you have mastered push steering first.

There are so many different cases where mishaps and accidents happen on the roads because the rider is trying to avoid an object. That happens because they don’t know much about push steering in the first place.

However, with proper instruction about push steering, you will definitely learn how to ride a motorcycle.

What Really Is The Deal With Push Steering

The technique of push steering is basically pushing forward which is applied to the handlebars of your bike. Now, this is in direct relation to the handlebars and you need to have proper control of that.

Go forward on the left handlebar in order to turn left and the right handlebar in order to turn right. Brain train yourselves in order to remember this mantra.

With more and more speed on the bike, a certain phenomenon called ‘gyroscopic inertia’ starts to take effect. This is the case in the single track bike. Hence, riding slowly can be a problem due to the weight of the vehicle.

What Exactly Happens In Push Steering?

When there is push steering happening on the bike, the inertia gets interrupted. You need to lean yourself and your bike into the direction where you want to make a turn and then steer slowly into the opposite direction which will then make the lean happen.

It basically works with the combination of the rider’s mass in the center and the motorcycle’s mass in the direction of the turn.

The next thing that you definitely need to keep in mind is the ‘steering torque’ that happens. This along with the steering angle will actually cause the lean. You also need to sustain your push as well as the angle of steering in order to maintain the perfect radius and the leaning angle as well.

A Step-By-Step Process To Cornering

The art of cornering the bike or push steering is just some general physics and that is exactly what it shows here. Just go through these steps and you will have an idea.

  • The Push Force effect will interrupt the bike inertia and cause the front wheel to turn in the right direction during the rotation. The motion is rather quick which cannot be seen.
  • Then the front tire starts to generate some force to the right side.
  • The entire bike then starts steering to the right in a brief moment.
  • This causes the rear tire to force towards the right side as well.
  • Since this force that’s applied is at ‘Ground Zero’, the wheels would be pulled due to the gravitational force and hence will steer the bike to the right side.
  • Camber Thrust is generated due to the roll angle.
  • As a result, your motorcycle will start to go to the left side.


Q: Is it possible to fall over?

A: There is only one case in which the rider will fall over and that is if the vehicle or the bike is unbalanced in any way.

Q: Can the shifting of weight cause the bike to turn?

A: While it is a very common thing for people to think that bikes can be steered using just the weight sifts, that is not the case all the time. There are some complex processes that take place and weight shifting on its own is sometimes not enough to turn the bike.

ConclusionPush Steering or cornering is definitely one of the titular techniques that riders need to be familiar with. Riding the bike requires certain precision and push steering is just the technique which will give the whole thing a great kick start.