At the age of 15, generally, you try your luck with a motor bike; it has its own charm. At that tender age, you develop a fondness, which gradually grows into a passion. Then if you have it in you then you become a bike roadie. The roar of the wind, the beautiful sight around, the thump of the motorbike engine, the road ahead, what more do you want to fall in love with this experience. There is a strange freedom and solitude while travelling on a motorbike. The high that no other experience can offer. If you have fantasized about travelling the distant places on a motorbike but did not know how or could not do it, then read on. Here are a few tips for you to get you started.

What really makes you go for long distance rides?

The reasons to go on a bike road trip could be many, from being able to see a place from the close, to just being in control of things on road. The sights, winds, smells and people that you experience on your journey make you ride just incredible. If you are the one who believes that a journey matters more than the destination, then you must experience this.

  1. It all starts with you learning to ride a bike. Try to commute with it every day to get used to it. The road, traffic, by-lanes, lanes, market sides, highways will give you a good practice and confidence to be able to control this machine. Try increasing your speed. Slowly start getting used to long period on the saddle. Keep your focus on the road without ever getting distracted. You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for motorcycle touring. Do not be in a hurry, and take that time until you start feeling confident before you start travelling.
  2. Get a motorbike that you feel comfortable with, it almost becomes like your partner so you have to be very careful while selecting. Buy the one that suits your riding style, your pockets and most importantly you.
  3. While packing for motorcycling tour ensure that you travel light, because on a two-wheeler you do not have the luxury of a trunk space. Generally, one must take two pair of clothes for on road journey and two for non-riding time. Carry important things like – water, snacks, registration and insurance papers, phone and money. Divide your stuff into two sets. One that you will need while riding that can go in a small backpack or a tank bag. The second set can be saddlebags – the one you can only access at the end of the day this can be your clothes, toiletries, camping gear etc.
  4. Safety gear are necessary and that you need to ensure. Get a helmet, protective riding jacket, pants, gloves and a good pair of boots. Make sure they’re CE certified. The gear goes through rigorous tests and therefore you can be assured when you crash, the impact on your body will be minimum.
  5. It is important to have a plan when you go riding a motorbike for a few days. While visiting cities or popular places, you are assured knowing where to get food, water or a bed for the night. But riding the highways and country roads you don’t have that comfort. Therefore, it becomes important that you research well ahead and have a clear idea of your route and all the challenges that will come along. Take a note of hotels/motels/BNB on your route, gas stations, road conditions, weather conditions, do the locals speak your language, internet and phone network connectivity.
  6. Plan for solo or group trip depending on your interest, though solo trips have their own sense of freedom but group trips are fun as well.
  7. Above everything, do not forget to take enough breaks during the travel.

Last but not the least, be aware of the fact that how much ever planned your trip is, some or the other surprise element will be there waiting for you, but please don’t get disheartened, the passionate rider in you knows how to deal with it.