Okay here is the truth. Sometimes, tires just get too old to actually function properly. It is up to you to replace your tires and get some new ones. When we are talking about bike tires, there are some important things to remember for sure. 

Tire technology definitely has come a long way in the last few years. However, the old wisdom of picking out two tires extra for the replacement surely works still. After all, you might have to replace your tire once it has gone old. But how much older is too much older? 

Well, that actually depends on the tires. The storage of the tires amongst some other features and factors tend to decide the lifespan of a bike tire. We all have some idea that bike tires are completely different from car tires. Hence, the risk tolerance and capacity of bike tires would definitely be different as well. 

Pay Some Attention To Your Tires 

Motorcycle tires are quite possibly one of the most overlooked components of the bike, even though these are so important. They are so easy to avoid. This is especially the case when there are some big touring motorcycles that come along with some low rear fenders. 

Does it happen quite often that you get down and have a look at the tread of your tire? No, right? That is exactly what most people do as well. As a result, the cords that these tires have tend to deteriorate and then show away 

Apart from that, the age of the tires is also another important factor that you definitely have to look into in case you want to have some great results in the end. 

Your tires might have a look that says they can run for some more time, however, they might fail you during some critical moments of cold and rain. 

Before you start cursing the tires for that, hear us out. The reason it happened is that there are certain rubber compounds present in the different tires and that can actually age with time. 

As a result, these rubber compounds actually end up losing the effectiveness that they have. Hence, there is wearing in the tires with time. With the drying of the surface of wear in the tires, the tire becomes old and not suitable for use anymore. 

There are many manufacturers these days that do not sell any tire which has crossed the lifespan of about 5 years in total. But then, there are quite a few of us that actually don’t buy the tires from manufacturers but the distributors. Now, these are the people who might actually sell the old stock as well. 

Hence, there are some riders who end up getting the tires which are actually quite old and something that wouldn’t run for a very long time. However, in order to stop that situation, you can have a look at the date code that is stamped in the tire. This is basically a 4-digit code that actually indicates the year and date of production. 

If you want to avoid accidents and mishaps that happen due to worn out tires, it is better that you learn to actually read that code at the sidewall of your tires. In fact, if you are ordering these tires online, then you will have all the information along with the date code as well. 

In case you get a tire that is more than 5 years old, there is a chance that you can lower the prices without any difficulty. 

Some Other Tips For Help 

In case you are buying tires that you will not be using immediately, you need to store these tires inside the garage. Make sure to keep it in a place where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight or some other temperature extremes as well. 

Also, keep the tires away from any chemical residue and vapor. These are a few things which would affect the quality of the tires and the change would be permanent and you cannot use these tires again. 


Sometimes, it is always a good idea to have a replacement for the tire in case you find there is a crack or any wear. Then again, new tires are completely amazing, right?