There are two types of people in this world-first one who


and the second one who doesn’t. If you come into the category of the first ones, then this post is for you.

From the evolution of time, there is the possibility of a civilization that didn’t use the wheel, but there is a possibility that

 every civilization 

uses the form of written words for


to convey their message to their forthcoming heritage.

Every new year

, many

people take the resolution

to write

their day to day main events of life in a diary or journal.

Writing yourself is an important way of self-expression


Sometimes in life, we go through ups and downs of life, that moment

writing a diary

and sharing your perspective towards life can help tremendously.

Writing down your emotions, feelings, memories

and the randomness of life is a good way to express yourself, pouring your heart out in the form of words is good for

emotional stability



can also help in

boosting up your creativity

. Diary can play the role of ‘

Good friend

’ with whom you can share everything without any judgments.

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Here are Advantages of Writing the Diary


To know yourself better: 



is the

two-way communication

where you dare to express and say things you never said to anyone. While writing the diary you ask questions and give the answers by yourself,  The Diary can help you to do


about your inner conflicts and dilemma.


Emotional Stability: 

Either it’s writing about day to day life or months back or years back any incident while writing you reflect and listen to yourself. Word by Word you start to discover the

hidden emotions

of who you truly are. By

developing emotional stability

, you can rid of the baggage of regrets.


Creating Down Memory Lane: 

Sometimes small moments of joy create nostalgia when we look back after down the line of memory lane. While writing the detailed diary, you are documenting your life in words, and the words are worth writing.


For Coping Mechanism: 

 When life gives you hard challenges and you are

dealing with emotional pain

that moment, in your diary you can write the most suitable alternatives to

overcome obstacles

to the smooth functioning of life.


Evolutions and Secrets: 

 Life is a constant journey, and everyone can’t understand your journey. In the

process of writing

, you will get to know your

secretive nature, your insecurities

and your prejudice towards life which creates obstacles in your development process.


Introspection of Life: 

Writing a diary

can work as a reality check, writing a diary will help you to

understand your goals


ambitions, and aspirations

. After penning down your purpose will lead toward clarity of mind to fulfill your all the desire



When you find yourself stuck in the cloud of

gloominess and darkness

that moment your diary’s previous pages where you wrote about your highs of life will lead you towards optimism and hope.

From the beginning of the year to the end of the year you have 365 pages of life make sure to make it as interesting as you can. At the end of the day when you write a diary, make sure to fulfill the diary’s only condition which is’ Absolute Honesty’.